What are the ways of getting information online?

online informationLet me start by asking a question, “what is information?“. Information can be defined as knowledge obtained from investigation, study, or instruction. This knowledge can only be acquired through investigation, research and even through observation.

This tutorial will guide you on how to get relevant information online (on the internet). Yes, the internet is a “Universal library”. It is a global system of interconnected computer devices and networks, i.e the internet provides a platform for information sharing at a global scale. The internet has answers and solutions to 99.99% of questions and problems people encounter on a daily basis. Therefore it is indeed a great tool for getting information for specific purposes.

Getting information from the internet, could be frustrating. This is because you need to be focused and direct when looking up for information on the internet to avoid distraction. Yes, distraction. The internet is vast and has a way of showing you related results and advertisement that may run contradictory to what you are looking for.

So, here are different ways of getting effective result from the internet:


A Search engine is a web based software that is designed to search for information on the internet. It has the ability to go through all the database, files and directory on the internet to look up for the information that you seek.Example of search engine include; Google(www.google.com), Ask(www.ask.com), Yahoo(www.yahooo.com) etc.

We search for information on the internet using the search engine by simply typing a word, Phrase or sentence that best describe what we are looking for. For instance if i need information about “how to design a website”, i can simply visit a search engine (E.g; google.com), type something like “Website design tutorial” or “How to design a website” on the search bar of the search engine and then click on the search button. You will observe that Google will search through the internet looking for any website that contains information related to web design and the result pops up on your screen.

Great! it’s very simple alright. The search engine is a very powerful tool and when used properly, you should be able to get information and also solve problems.


The social media is another means of getting information online via the internet. This is because the social media has provided a platform for interconnection and communication between persons or group of person from different disciplines with different level of experience.

All that is required to get information online via the social media is by person to person communication whereby you ask question and receive answers directly from your friends. You can also get information on social media via related groups or forums; for instance if am looking for information on how to design a website, i can visit Web design groups, Programming communities or Bloggers forum.


Elibrary stands for Electronic Library. Just like the name implies, it is an electronic way of accessing, storing and managing books, journals and other relevant resources in digital(soft) format.                                                        An Elibrary contains a lot of books in pdf format and these books contain a lot of information. Thus, elibrary is an excellent way of getting information online.

Example of elibrary includes; Google books, Ibiblio, Internet archive etc.


Youtube is a video sharing platform which can be used to share, watch, like and comment on videos. It has wonderful features that makes it powerful tool for information acquisition. People share information on youtube in a video format making it much easier for others to get this information online by simply visiting youtube and watching the video.There is also opportunity for people to ask questions using the comment section on the platform.


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