How to build a portfolio website

What is a Portfolio Website?

portfolio website

A Portfolio Website is an advanced form of CV (Curriculum vitae) or Resume. It is a website that provides professional information about an individual (or a company).

It contains detailed information about you, what you can do, your job experiences and achievements (what you have done) . I call it a “Digital Resume” or “Digital CV”; an asset that you can use to express your personality, experience, and capabilities.

If you want to always be a step ahead of your competitors in a job interview then you should consider including a portfolio website and customized email to your application letter.

Why do i need a portfolio website?

  • A portfolio website tells more about your personality.
  • It improves your status.
  • Portfolio website helps to showcase your work experience.
  • It gives you an online presence.
  • It adds more value to your personality.


Requirements for a portfolio website?

Just like every other website; you need a domain, web hosting, web design platform (web builder), High quality images(graphics) and good contents(write up).

  • Domain: This is the name you give to your portfolio website. The domain will serve as the address that would take visitors straight to your website. So, what kind of name should i give my portfolio website? It all depends on you. Your domain can be formed from your name or business, example; www.nisha,com ,, etc. How do i register my domain? you can set up your domain through a domain name service provider, a company that issue and manage domain names. Example; Bluehost, Namecheap, Godaddy etc. If you are looking for a good domain service provider, i recommend you visit Bluehost <<Click here>>
  • Web Host: A Web Host is a storage space on a server (A big computer on the internet) that stores your web documents. It stores the contents of your website (texts, pictures,videos, links etc) so that anyone who looks up your website through a web browser using your domain will be able to see your web contents. Bluehost is currently the best web host.
  • Web Builder: A Web builder is a content management system (CMS), a software that can be used to build and design web pages using the principal of click and drag. Anybody without knowledge of programming can design powerful websites today using a web builder.Example; wordpress, Joomla etc.
  • High quality images(graphics): The beauty of any website is the graphics. Your portfolio website must contain high quality pictures and designs. Pictures help visitors to interact and understand the information contained on your site.
  • Good contents(write up): Finally, you need a good content to pass information across to your visitors. A good content must be legible, understandable and well composed.


How to build and design a portfolio website?

    Step 1: Purchase Domain and Hosting
    There are thousands of hosting companies out there that offer hosting services. Some of them are good and reliable while most of them offer poor annoying hosting services. A good web host is characterized by its Uptime (99.99% Uptime is best) and its load time (1-7 seconds is good) plus good customer service (24/7). I don’t want you to make a wrong choice as a beginner, so I will drop a list of top 5 hosting companies you can trust below:

    1. Bluehost (World Best): Click to visit Bluehost…
      2. Namecheap: Click to visit Namecheap…
      3. Interserver: Click to visit Interserver…
      4. Hostgator: Click to visit Hostgator…
      5. Dreamhost: Click to visit Dreamhost…

    Step 2: Install Web Builder (WordPress)
    WordPress is a popular web builder that can be used to design websites. Every standard web host is wordpress enabled, all you need to do is to log into your web host account and install wordpress. Watch the tutorial video to learn how to purchase domain, hosting and install wordpress.

    Step 3: Create and design web pages
    A website is made of web pages and a web page is made of texts, pictures, colors etc. So, what we do basically in wordpress is to create and design web pages for our website. Once we create a web page; we write texts on the page, upload pictures, videos and any other content we want to add to the page in an organized arrangement (layout).

    I always recommend that you get a piece of paper and sketch a picture of how you want your website to appear (It’s like drawing a building plan). Yes, you should have a plan, a layout of what you actually want to design.


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