How to start blogging

Blogging is all about creating and sharing information (content) about a specific topic, field or niche as often as possible. I know some people who love talking about football. You see them talk about football celebrities, football competitions and even share pictures of their football hero on their social media handle; that’s a form of blogging.

I also know some girls who love gossip. Their gossip about almost everything happening in their environment. Their talk about celebrities, they talk about their wonderful friends, they talk about what people do, in fact their talk about anything they see. Yes, its also a form of blogging.

Once you have passion for something, you tend to have much to say about that thing and you tend to talk about that thing. Blogging starts immediately you recognize your passion and start talking about your passion professionally under suitable platforms.

Blogging has become more lucrative and interesting this days. People blog for so many reasons; some blog as a career, others blog for fun, while some others (like me) blog for both reasons.

Alright, here are the basic steps you need to take to start blogging:
>> First: Pick A Niche | Discover your Passion
What is your passion? What are you good at? What is your hubby?
If you are able to answer these questions then you should be able to know where to focus your attention with regards to blogging. For instance, I love computer and the internet a lot and spend most of my time with my computer trying to figure out how they work. So, someone like me can decide to start up a “Tech Blog”, talk about tech related ideas and help people solve computer related problems.

>> Second: Research
Yes, even though you have interest in a particular niche; you still need to research to see what others have done, to learn more about the contents you wish to create and to gain more experience. For you to be a professional in your field and create real contents; you must research, you must learn.

>> Third: Create an Online Presence
Every blogger wants to share his/her content, ideas and passion for the whole world to see. Every blogger wants to be heard. Therefore for the whole world, friends and family to see what you have to share; you must be found online. For you to be found online, you must have a Blog (E.g: ) and a Social media network (E.g: Facebook, IG, Linkedin, Twitter etc.)

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>> Fourth: Update and engage
Finally, you need to engage your audience by creating and sharing new contents (Update). Your audience wants to see news thing; like new articles, new pictures, new videos etc. The only way to keep your fans and grow your network is to keep them engaged with new fresh updates.

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