How to shorten a link

What is a link?

A link (Hyperlink) is any object (text, picture, shapes etc.) that allows you to jump from one location to another when you click on it.

Example: (this link will take you to a page called Tutorials on a website called

A link can be a website address, a social media handle/page address, a picture or video file location on the internet etc.

Why do i need a short link?

Sometimes a link could be very long; for instance, (this is a link to a tutorial on mytechvilla). Now, in this case assuming am to send this link to a friend who probably want to check the tutorial, “Don’t you think my friend would find it difficult using the link?”. My friend would be like “How do I copy all this long text to my web browser?

So to simplify this long link (text) to a more flexible easy-to-use link, we have to Shorten the link. The reason why we sorten a link is to make it flexible and easy to work with(copy,send,type on browser etc.)

In this tutorial am going to show you how to shorten a link. We are going to shorten a long link on mytechvilla (Very Long) to a shorter link (Very short).

Are you ready? Let’s begin:

Step 1- Copy the link you want to shorten

You need to visit the web page you want to copy (in our case we are using ). Go to the URL (Universal Resource Locator) at the top of the browser and highlight/select the entire link. Next right click (if you are making use of PC) or press/hold down on the URL (if you are making use of Android). You would see a list of options (drop down menu). Select Copy from the menu to copy the link.

Step 2- Visit a URL SHORTENER called

Bitly is a popular URL shortener. A URL shortener is a website application that can be used to shorten links.

Create an account with bitly by simply clicking on Sign Up. You can create a free account (it’s free) or a PRO account (you pay). For our case sturdy we will create a free account. Scroll down the page and select Get started under FREE PLAN.

Fill the necessary details (Username, Email and Password) and submit. You may be required to verify your email.

Step 3- Create a short link

Log in to your bitly account. Click create , move over to the bar that says Paste long Url, right click on it and select Paste to paste the long link to bitly.

Bitly will authomatically convert the long link and display a shorter link for you (in the form You can edit the text after the slash to suite your need.

After editing the short link, click save. You can then copy the short link generated by bitly and share to your friends.

Hope this tutorial was helpful? Watch the Video, Ask questions or Submit Testimony. Also share to your friends on social media.



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