How to check result online?

Check result online

Can you check your result online? 

The answer is “YES, you can!”

Every now and then we sit for aptitude tests, Interview and different form of examinations especially for certification purposes. So, what happens after an examination? “You check your results, right?” (hoping to make good grades, i guess) with all the mixed feelings, expectations and anxiety that comes with it (Lol). That’s OK…

Alright, the purpose of this tutorial is for most people who (for some reasons) don’t know how to check their result online. let me make it clear to you; checking result online is very easy and doesn’t have to be difficult. I will give you a guideline on how to check any result online but before i continue, take note of the following;

  • The Examination body( WAEC, CISCO, TOEFL, IELTS etc.) must have a website (online portal).
  • You should obtain user login details (Username, Password, Pin etc) from the examination body.

Good! here are the procedures you must take to check your result online:

    First, open a web browser( Chrome, firefox, opera mini etc. ) and input the website address of the examination body, example; (for WAEC exams).                                                                NB: If you don’t know the website address to your examinar; you can search for it on
    Once the website is open; depending on the website, you may be asked to “Log In” , you may be asked to input your Username, Password or Pin. Carefully go through the contents on the website so as to know what is actually expected of you.
  3. CHECK RESULT: Finally, if you Login successfully, you would be able to see your user information including your Result, depending on the examiner, you may need to click on a button that says “Check Result” before you can see the result.

Great! if you have any questions or if you need specific clarification on how to check a specific result online, you can email us at or click here to chat with us on Whatsapp.



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