Do you have Google Pixel Buds? Lets talk cool in 40 languages

Smart phones have new changes and innovations with new features and apps. The headphone is a supplemental device that continues to remain without any change in the manner of the phone. Eventually, the time has also changed. Not so long ago, Google has just rearranged just headphones. Last week, Google’s latest Pixel 2 phones were introduced with the pixel buds that changed the headphone’s imagination

Adam Champie, one of the Pixel Badges main sculptors, is the first blog to start with, with the question of whether or not they can do more than just listen to music. Do they do many things without looking at the phone? What if a helpless phone is what you ask or answer in any language? The answer is the pixel buds.

The pixel buds headphones is one of the most revolutionary communications in communication. Its not just a wireless earphone. This is the world’s best feature of realtime translation. We can communicate with ease in 40 languages. This small tool is the on-demand tool.

Pixel Buds makes use of the Google Translate application to enable foreign language conversations. Lets talk about 40 languages ​​with Google Translate. For example, if you do not know Italian language, then you’ve reached Italy. Italian pastry should be purchased pasta. Pixel buds can help you to order it in the restaurant. The only thing to do is to tell the right earphone to say, Help me speak Italian Say what you should say in English or Hindi. Your Pixel phone will record this in the Italian language in the Italian language. The waiter will get the answer in Italian and hear it in English in your earliest pixel buds. It will also be heard in 40 languages ​​ ​​supported by Google. The attractive factor is that this translation process is going on very quickly.

Pixel buds can be charged to charge and connect with your phone. Tap on the earbug on the right to adjust the volume and the help of the Google assistant. You can move forward and backwards, to increase the volume and volume. Music has to be temporarily halted, but simply tap with one touch. You can charge a charging cab on the pocket. It will take 24 hours a day. Connecting to a pixel phone is very simple. Any phone that runs from Android 7.0 or above will be connected automatically to the Pixel phone by automatically detecting the pixel buds.

Pixel buds are eyeing all of your smart gadgets. Gugl is an assistant activist, just a short time on the front door. Without looking at the phone screen, you can ask any help. Let's play music. The calendar events and incoming messages will be remembered. You may also want to read the messages. The pixel bands are released in black, white and blue colors next month. The price is $ 159. Pre-order has begun in the US. Canada, Britain, Germany, Australia and Singapore.

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