1More Single Driver review: ear headphones

1More Single Driver review: an expensive however sensible trying in-ear headphones

Did you recognize that the legendary Mi Piston earphones that you simply love most square measure from a corporation referred to as 1More? a corporation that has not solely distinguished themselves in planning some fine-looking earphones. They conjointly sound nice, particularly with their costlier triple driver ones. Now, 1More is here in Asian country formally and that we take their Single Driver’s out for a spin.

Design and Build Quality
The Single Driver’s look nice, with a placing red wire that is connected to a sleek black and dark gray earpieces. The headphones are available in a plastic exhausting case terribly paying homage to the Xiaomi Piston 2’s. within thebox you get four items of polymer tips that square measure a similar dark gray, however with a red accent within. creating it look to a small degree lambent, like holding a electric lamp near the rear of your hand, light the withintissue. 1More calls the black metal housing “Charcoal Black” and it will have that quality thereto, with a smallanodization to create it look dark, nonetheless retain a way of gray.

The build quality is incredibly durable. If you have got in hand a Piston before, you recognize the build. The wires do look to a small degree skinny however feel firm with the Kevlar fibre wrapped within it. the skin of the cable is nylon, to scale back tangles. The housing for the mic and remote buttons feel premium and well designed, with no danger of breaking anytime shortly. As a whole, the one Driver is sort of robust to require the rigours of an important commute modus vivendi and appearance smart doing it.
Performance and bioengineering
Unlike the massive cylinders of the Pistons, every earphone of the one Driver is tiny and light-weight round shapecylinders with angular ear-tips. therefore once inserted in your meatus the sound fires straight in whereas keeping a decent seal. The work was quite cosy, tho’ the metal did feel to a small degree cold and sharp against your ear, however not enough to cause discomfort. The sound was crystal clear and it did block plenty of the noise around.

As the name suggests, the one Driver consists of 1 dynamic driver with a triple layer manufactured from part grade metal. No word on the dimensions of the motive force, however it produces a frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz. in line with 1More, the motive force is sheathed in an exceedingly resilient compound and twin resonant chambers.

The first issue that smitten America concerning the sound quality of the one Driver is however huge the soundstage is. It feels as if you are in an exceedingly larger house, with lots of house between the instruments, separating them in your mind clearly. currently once we mean huge, we do not mean open, there’s a small restraint to the soundstage, which provides the bass and mids a pleasant organic feel. The bass itself isn’t too serious, to play well with the mids and treble. there’s a small quantity of middle bass evident as is middle treble. creating this earpiece nice if you are paying attention to rock, pop or perhaps electronica.



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