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Bank Transfer Codes and Contacts

Yeah, MyTechVilla is here to give this information because you will certainly need it to carry out your bank transactions. Not every bank has the time to educate their customers on these important codes and that’s why we deemed it fit to share this information. Take a look at some of the transfer codes in all the banks in Nigeria.

GTB_(*737#)Fidelity Bank_(*770#)First Bank_(*894#)Sterling Bank_(*822#)Skye Bank_(*833#)UBA_(*919#)EcoBank_(*326#)Zenith Bank_(*966#)Stanbic Bank_(*909#)Access Bank Bank_(*901#)Wema Bank_(*945#)Diamond Bank_(*426#)Unity Bank_(*389 *215#)Heritage Bank_*322#KeyStone Bank_(*322 *082#)Union Bank_(*389 *038#)Fcmb_(*329#) or _(*389 *214#)EcoBank_(*326# )Ja'iz Bank (*773#)

HOW TO CHECK BVN: Check BVN : Dial *565*0#

To check National Identification Number NIN Dial *346# in your phone number you used for registration of NIMC.
To confirm your NHF registration/number, dial *219# from d number you used to register.


Best Tech Skills to Learn in the 21st Century

There are various tech skills that would help you fit in this 21st century. Acquiring and practising them will make you be in the head of affairs. Do you want to know them?Programming: In programming you learn how to instruct a computer to obey your commands with lines of codes. There are many programming languages to learn today. Examples of programming languages to learn include:JavascriptJavaPythonC++C#PascalBASICCOBOL (Common Business Oriented Language)FORTRANAda
    It is good to note that Python programming language is gaining ground in the programming world because of it's versatility. It is easy to use and can be used to develop powerful programs. Python programming language is now used in AI. It all depends on your purpose of learning programming. Programming is very difficult to learn. But it is all about determination. Programming can be boring, stressful and discouraging sometimes.  Engineering (Software & Hardware): Engineering whether computer, mechanica…

I am Confused Choosing a Career in Tech.

I am Confused Choosing a Career in Tech.
I explored many things about technology and that made me frustrated at the long run. When I was contemplating a career in tech, I had a million reasons to do it. There were so many aspects of having a career in tech that I wanted: I wanted a role where I would feel valued and have job stability. I wanted work that would give me flexibility and more control over my own life. I wanted to finally get paid enough to stop running up my credit card!How did I actually succeed?It will interest you to know that I later focused on blogging. I had no money then. So I had to start with a free blog. After two weeks I was qualified to run Google adsense. I created many contents before I created my first blog. The money started coming. What then was my next action?You can actually follow my laid down principles or a better one. It’s your choice.