Three new versions of the iPhone have been released

IPhone 8/8 Plus, Portrait Lighting and Trueton Technology for More Power!

On September 12, Apple announced the launch of three important models of the iPhone. A change in the name of iPhone 7/7 Plus models is named after iPhone 8/8 Plus. But in the case of design, there is no radical change than the older phones.

The presence of artificial intelligence and wireless charging are important changes. The company claims that it is the best of its kind in glass smartphones used in models this year. Aerospace Gravel Aluminum is used in construction. Apple says about 50 percent of its phones are yet to be launched.

These twins have a 4.7 / 5.5 inch size. These screens are called retina HD display. These include Apple’s Truton technology to give the screen more power.

The A11 Bionic processor, which has the six most recent six cores, The new models also have a graphic processor like the iPhone X. These are highly effective in gaming, which includes the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

This year’s iPhone has a 12MP rear camera. It will capture more depth pixels (deeper pixels). Phil Shiller presented the phone as an unspecified computer technology. He claimed that the new camera would capture 83% more light than the iPhone 7’s camera. The camera has optical image stabilization. High Dynamic Range pictures can be improved.

8 Plus has double cameras. If the wide angle lens has F/1.8 aperture, the term lens F/2.8 is the apt. Wide lens has image stabilization. No tele. Perhaps the most important change this year is the Portrait Lite, even after the existence of the Augustine reality. The phone gives lighting to make the subject nice when it comes to lighting. This can be changed later on.

After studying face to face with the depth map, you can make a variety of lighting. Slow zoom mode is also given for camera’s True Tonne flash. The video can be shot at 1080p 240 fps. Shoot 4K video. The phone also takes good pictures at a lesser extent. The photo-taking experience will be tapped for faster autofocus and good noise reduction

They have stereo speakers. It will facilitate the iOS 11 phones. Touch ID works on these phones. The price of iPhone 8 starts at $ 699. This price is for 64GB model. There are 128GB / 256GB versions for both handsets. Shipping will begin on September 22 and the pre-orders will begin on September 15.

Apple’s iPhone X is the latest version of the iPhone. There is no home button in contrast to other models. Swipe at the bottom of the screen and get to the home screen. The 5.8 inch EDGE to edge screen will be screened. Eye phone X has the ability to recognize your face instead of the fingerprint print sensor. True depth camera sensor that looks like face in the dark is on the phone. Apple also claims that the phone can identify them even when twins, and that there is only one million chances to open the phone without your permission. The handset is powered by a 12-megapixel rear camera. Dual flash rear facing cameras will also boost the quad LEDs. The company also offers two hours of battery back up over the current iPhone 7 and also have Wireless charging system.

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