How To Make Money Online For Beginners

Doing work on internet is very easy to get extra income from home or anywhere . Peoples are wasting their time for watching videos playing games. when they feel they can earn more extra income form online they won`t waste their time, Like me few months ago i don`t have much knowledge in internet in how to make money online, but i have YouTube channel already since 2008 and i have been uploaded 140 videos. I made mistake i did not enable Monetization on my videos , because i don`t much experience how to make money with YouTube.

In 2016 October i started to lean more how to make money online , Now i have 2 website 8 YouTube channel . I`m helping many more peoples in my FB page who want to make money online and i have knowledge in Computer,Laptop,Mobile troubleshooting tips . i just created article what I am thinking about in any topic. here is i like to write very simple way to make money online . This article should be helpful for newbies, in few days many more peoples asking me they want to make money online please tel me what i will do first , because they watch my videos from YouTube.

Here is the way you can earn more extra income

YouTube – everyone know about YouTube also everyone watching videos on YouTube, this is one of outstanding source of make money online, you can do many more with YouTube. if you are just new you can just start earn money from Adsense by enabling YouTube video Monetization. You should upload your own videos or avoid copyright issue, then you can monetize your videos. The almost peoples are asking me how i can get videos.

How you can get videos ???

This is the answer for that , in my experience if you have knowledge in any topic like troubleshooting any devices or you have teaching skills like Language etc you can create own videos. All you should have Laptop or PC with internet (unlimited) connection on your home. if you have this all you can download any video screen recording software(note:if you have PC you should have webcam).

there are many more free screen recording software available on internet, currently I am using free version with HD quality videos, if some one need contact me, i will give you for free. when you upload videos make sure to given proper heading,Description and Tag,this 3 very important when you are going to upload videos on youtube . when you reach 5 videos you can enable Monetize your videos and apply for Adsense. and do not stop uploading or creating videos, because you will loos your visitors and subscribers. Try to make videos daily basis, and ask peoples to subscribe your channel. then you will get more views and more clicks(do not ask them to click on your videos).

Blogging- This way to little difficult for newbies , but the income is massive because when you create a blog you can run more ads on your blog. my recommendation is you can apply ads on your same blog, it will not effect for your Adsense. the same what i mention above topic if you have any skills regarding technology,relationship,finance,family,insurance, make money online tips etc, you can create own articles.for doing this you should have a top level domain that is professional. just buy domain like .com,.net and you can use with google blogger or if you can manage hosting then buy hosting, hosting there are many more features you can own, like professional Email and wordpress. Make sure you should include 4 pages (menu) on your blog and should have Popular post and Categories widgets.


2.About Me

3.Privacy Policy

4.Contact Us

When you reach 12 to 15 article you can request for Adsense. make sure the content should be yours and do not copy and paste also do not download images from google and upload it to your website.

Affiliate –Doing affiliate job is very helpful way to get extra income monthly. if you like to spend some money for PPC advertising you will get more income. there are may more ways to promote affiliate products Free/Paid. if you want to earn more try to use PPC advertising on Facebook,google adwords ,Bing,Yahoo and you more you can search for PPC advertising. so you can get more targeting countries on your sales. Facebook is the outstanding source for promoting your affiliate products around the world.


◊ Commission Junction

◊ Bluehost  (hosting affiliate)

◊ Hostgator (hosting affiliate)

◊ IPage  (hosting affiliate)

◊ Inmotion Hosting (hosting affiliate)

◊ eHost (hosting affiliate)



Freelance Jobs – This is also belongs to the topic what i mention above you can earn more money from this jobs. Time is very important for doing this job, because if you get any project should have to hand over the project in time. some freelancers are getting hug income every month. the earnings are depend on his/her skills , if you are web developer or application developer you will get more money for each project. also if you are graphic designer you can design Logo or Business cards and more. if you have experience in Data Entry Jobs , you can choose related to your skills.

Fiverr- Here you can sell your service like online store, if you have knowledge in Graphic Design or SEO or related to any service you can sell via Fiverr. for example if you are SEO expert you can provide Backlinks for Money or help them to increase their business search engine presence. and if you are Graphic Designer you can provide Logo,Business card or other design service.

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