Best Android Apps For Android Users

Parallel Space

By using this particular app you can create a clone of any other app that is installed on your android device so that means you can install a two Facebook messengers, two whats app, two class of clans, or any other apps or games that you want to have dual identity on your android. So if you haven’t Installed and try it out to make sure that you start with this particular app

Lum yer Editor

This is a photo editing app for the selfie lovers now unlike the other apps that give you an option  to apply static wallpaper are static  effect i would say this particular app gives you the option to apply dynamic effects like a kitty sitting next to you. Yes you can add so many amazing animated effects and you can also explore these files as zip files and export them using whats app messenger, twitter and so much move

Combo of two apps

Google Allo, Google Duo

These were the two messaging apps that were launched by google allo was for the text messaging and duo was for video calls. If you haven’t tried this app one reason to go for the allo is the integrated google assistant and for duo it is it seamless video calling experience


This app i don’t think so needs any introduction this was one of those viral app of 2016 which everyone wanted and even the beta version force actually pull back because the servers collapsed. But of you haven’t heard about the app using prisma you can give some artistic effects to yours photos and now all these effects are applied there are any internet connection and in feature updates the  developers are thinking to give an option using which you can apply your time effects even for your Facebook life videos

Universal Copy

Using this particular app you can copy and past anything and everything from any screen of your android. Some of the ads don’t allow to select text for copy and past functionalities  but using this particular app you can just take a screen shot and using the OCR technology you extract text from any of this screen on your android

Selfie lovers this is a cool one now if your phone has fingerprint sensor but then if it does not allow you to take selfies using that sensor or if you want to extend that selfie shutter  button two apps like whats app, Instagram do make sure that you try out the app Dactyl Fp Camera the trial version gives you a limitation of 10 clicks and you can go for pro version for dollar 1.99



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